Coronavirus Update & County Alert

Restricted Public Access at the Warrick County Government Offices

Due to current health concerns, public business at the Warrick County Judicial Center and WCCC's offices has been restricted.  Please help us limit the impact of this virus and protect the public and the county government employees by using other means of communication.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact WCCC via email, phone, or standard mail.  This information can be located on our "Contact Us" page or by clicking the button below.  

Agency Profile

Our Vision

We are committed to improving the community by providing the opportunity for program participants to become productive, responsible members of society. 

Our Mission

 We are committed to reducing recidivism, increasing community safety, and creating positive change in participants through the provision of evidence-based correctional programs and supervision practices for non-violent offenders.


Warrick County Community Corrections is an alternative sentencing option directed toward assisting in the rehabilitation and recovery of participants through the provision of evidence-based practices. 

By providing evidence-based correctional programs and supervision practices, Warrick County Community Corrections aims to:

  • Reduce recidivism
  • Increase community safety and security
  • Cultivate positive change in participants
  • Promote participants to become responsible, productive members of society

Warrick County Community Corrections is funded through a state grant awarded through the Indiana Department of Corrections, as well as participant program fees.  

Agency Supervision

Who do we serve?

Warrick County Community Corrections' target population is any adult male or female charged with or convicted of a non-violent felony or misdemeanor offense.

Warrick County Community Corretions serves individuals involved in the criminal justice system in both pre-trial and post-sentence capacities.

Individuals wishing to participate in Warrick County Community Corrections must reside within Warrick County or within 25 miles from the Boonville city center.

Program Supervisions

  • Home Detention & Adult Day Reporting 
  • Community Transition Program
  • Monitoring Services
  • Community Service
  • Assessment & Case Planning
  • Case Management Services
  • Treatment & Programming
  • Field Contacts
  • Drug Testing

Treatment Programs & Services

Moral Reconation Therapy

  •  Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) is a cognitive-behavioral program that is based on the theory that thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes are the primary determinants of behaviors. MRT is designed to “facilitate a change in the client’s process of conscious decision-making” and “enhance appropriate behavior through development of higher moral reasoning”.  

Substance Abuse Education

  •  Substance Abuse Education utilizes The Change Companies’ evidence-based Flex Modules, which have been proven effective in improving offenders’ knowledge and attitudes, increasing person responsibility and commitment to change and decreasing recidivism. The impaired model used in this series is based on the most widely recognized and empirically validated behavior change research available. These journals encourage responsible decision-making and assist participants in making positive changes to their impaired driving behavior. 

Courage to Change Interactive Journaling

  • Courage to Change Interactive Journaling is an evidence-based supervision/case management model  .   Through the use of this cognitive behavioral interactive journaling system and interaction with their support team, participants address their individual problem areas based on a criminogenic risk and needs assessment.  The Courage to Change series targets responsible thinking, peer relationships, family ties, substance use, seeking employment, self-control, social values, and recreation and leisure.

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